Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
Poznan University of Life Sciences


The history of the Department dates back to 1920, when it was originally headed by Prof. Zygmunt Moczarski. Rebuilt after the World War II, the Department has greatly extended its range of research activities and educational programs.

1920- Prof. Zygmunt Moczarski became the head of the Department of Animal Breeding, and he held this position until the outbreak of the Second World War. The time of war and occupation (1939-1945) stopped any scientific activity and had greatly ravaged the Department’s resources. In the spring of 1945 Prof Z. Moczarski hast taken again the position of the Department’s leader. Due to poor health, he has retired at the end of 1947 and the supervision of the department was granted to Prof. Tadeusz Vetulani.

 1950-Prof Kazimierz Gawęcki become the new head of the department, and he held this position until 1952, when he took the lead of the newly formed Department of Animal Nutrition.

 1952-Prof Witold Folejewski has lead the Department until his sudden death in 1956.

1969 – Prof Jerzy Gedymin becomes the next head of the Department. In 1970, as a result of national regulation leading to mass consolidation of scientific departments, The Institute for Animal Breeding and Production was created from two animal breeding departments and The Unit of Genetics and Animal Breeding was created. Prof. J. Gedymin became the head of the newly formed unit and the vice-director of the newly formed Institute for Animal Breeding and Production.

1981 - Unit of Genetics and Animal Breeding became the independent Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, and Prof. Czesław Janicki became the new head of this Department.

In years 1989-1991 he was elected a member of the Polish Parliament, and held the positon of the vice Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy in the government led by Tadeusz Mazowiecki. After the end of his parliamentary term, Prof. Janicki retired on the 1st of January 1991.

1989 – Prof. Marek Świtoński became the head of the Department.

2005 - Horse Breeding Unit and the Horse Genetic Markers Laboratory joined with the Department.

2020 - The Department has further expanded by merging with the Department of Animal Reproduction, which became a new Animal Reproduction Laboratory.